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Many people wonder how easy Chinese girls are. They might not phrase it quite like that though; instead asking how easy it is to get a Chinese girlfriend or if Chinese girls like foreigners. It’s a question that can’t really be worked around and, instead, should just be looked at for how it is.

The answer is that Chinese girls can be easy but only if you’re the right type of foreigner. The fact of the matter is that dark skinned people, particularly black or Indian people, will have almost no chance with a Chinese girl. Chinese culture dictates that the darker your skin the lower your class. This is because only a low class farmer or field worker would have tanned skin due to working in the sun. Chinese people see being fair skinned as a sign of beauty and Chinese girls will rarely ever go out without sun protection.

If you’re a lighter or plain Caucasian foreigner then you’ll find it much easier to find yourself a Chinese girlfriend. The main reason for this is because the Chinese girl wants money or a passport. As great as China is, a Chinese passport doesn’t get you very far unless you fill out countless visa forms and get permission. Having a western passport literally opens up the world for Chinese people.

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